Vagal Nerve Stimulation (VNS) is a surgical procedure that has been applied safely since 1990 in epilepsy disease, which is especially drug-resistant and does not have a brain problem requiring surgical intervention. A small surgical incision on the right side of the neck is performed by connecting an electrode wrapped around the Vagus nerve to a neurostimulator placed beneath the right collarbone. This operation is performed in approxiamtely 1 hour and can be quite successful in experienced hands. After the operation, no component of the neurostimulator system is left out and everything is under the skin. This operation, which became widespread all over the world after being approved by FDA in 1997 and successfully applied to more than 100.000 patients in the world, is based on the logic of electrical currents transmitted by electrodes placed in the Vagus nerve to suppress abnormal electrical activities in the brain.
Vagal Nerve Stimulation, which can be safely applied to patients over 12 years of age can be used for major depression in the world apart from drug-resistant epilepsy disease; It also has been successfully used in diseases of migraine, obesity and nutrition disorders and has been granted FDA approval since 2005 for its application in major depression.
With the remote control device, the necessary settings can be made at any time and this device can be opened and closed at any time thanks to this control and therefore does not cause any permanent damage to the patient.
One of the most important features of the device is that it has a wrist system attached to the wrist. When patients with epilepsy with the aura experience the seizure, this wristband is brought closer to the neurostimulator placed under the collarbone, and the neurostimulator provides the higher current electrical currents to the Vagus nerve and thus to the brain.
Although the side effects such as hoarseness or stinging in the throat may occur after the initial activation of the battery, this situation can be overcome by making the necessary adjustments and gradually increasing the current starting from low voltage.
In published scientific studies, it is reported that the decrease rate of seizures varies between 50% and 90%. The success of surgery can not only reduce seizure rate of epileptic patients but also eliminate their dependence and may lead to a decrease in drug with high side effects after a while.
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