Spinal cord stimulation is an alternative treatment that masks pain signals before they reach the brain. A small device is implanted in the buttocks or abdomen to send electrical pulses via an electrode to the spinal cord. This treatment helps patients better manage their chronic pain symptoms and decrease the use of opioid medications. It may be an option if the patient suffer chronic back, leg or arm pain and have not found relief with other therapies.
Spinal cord stimulation is indicated for the patients who has failed back surgery syndromes, complex regional back syndrome, chronic pain, angina pectoris, ischemic limb pain.
Spinal cord stimulator (SCS) device is surgically or percutenously placed under the skin whichs sends a mild electric current to the spinal cord. A small electrode carries the current from a pulse generator to the nerve fibers of the spinal cord. When turned on, the SCS stimulates the nerves in the area where the pain is felt. Pain is reduced because the electrical pulses modify and mask the pain signal from reaching the brain.
The operation is seperated into two stages. 1st stage is the trial which one or two electrodes placed in the epidural area in relative where the patient feels the pain. The epidural are there are many levels affecting other areas in the body. After the trial if the patient feels reduction in pain then he/she can proceed stage 2 which a small device called neurostimulator will be placed in the body.
Stimulation actually does not eliminate the source of pain. It changes the way the brain perceives it. As a result, the amount of pain relief can vary for each person.
After the surgery, the doctor can make program the settings of the device and then a patient programmer is given the patient. With this patient programmer the settings of the device can be changed if needed.
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