Sacral Nerve Stimulation is a type of medical electrical stimulation therapy. It typically involves the implantation of a programmable stimulator under the skin, which delivers low amplitude electrical stimulation to the related nerves.
This technology is an alternative treatment which uses a small device to send electrical impulses to nerves located in sacral nerves which exist in the lower back (just above the tailbone). These impulses should impact especailly S3 nerve (the specisific nerve in sacral area) which controls the bladder, sphincter, and pelvic floor muscles that contribute to bladder and bowel control. The electrical stimulation can often successfully eliminate or reduce bladder-control problems in patients.
Which patients can benefit from this treatment?
Sacral neuromodulation (SNM) is indicated to treat overactive bladder with or without urine leakage and also urinary retention which is known as having problems in emptying the bladder normally. Other than urinary indications SNM is also indicated for fecal (anal) incontinence for the patients who are facing bowel dysfunctions like stool leakage. SNM is mostly convenient for the patients who does not answer the the conservative treatments such as medical treamtent like drugs.
The operation is seperated into two stages. First stage is called the trial which a tined lead (electrode) is placed into sacral foramen percutenously. After the first stage the patient is examined a few days to be sure if his/her indications are reduced. If the trial reduces the patients’ complaints then stage 2 comes in. In the second stage a small device which is called neurostimulator in placed just under the skin to send the electrical impulses througt the tined lead which is placed in stage 1. Stage 2 takes only 20-30 minutes. After the surgery, the doctor can make program the settings of the device and then a patient programmer is given the patient. With this patient programmer the settings of the device can be changed if needed.
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