Obesity surgery is one of the most common surgical applications in our country in the last 10 years. Nowadays, obesity surgery methods are applied with healthy and balanced nutrition, dietitian support and in case the patient does not have any chronic disease preventing weight loss (thyroid problems, etc.) in the present case, the physician recommends surgical methods and patient compliance report. Obesity surgeries are performed in different applications. Most of these applications are now known as laparoscopic surgeries, which are defined as closed systems instead of open surgeries. This results in a decrease in the recovery time of the patient after the operation, the decrease in the pain after the surgery and the operation of the operation with smaller incisions.

Expert obesity surgery in Turkey

Obesity surgery centers with in collaboration with Medgo Assistance  are all A+ rated and JCI accredited for excellence, hygiene and quality, so you can be sure that your health and procedure will be our priority. We consider our all customers as unique that should take personalized procedures according to your situation and expectations. Please contact us for reaching obesity surgery in Turkey.