Morphine is a medication used to treat spasticity and relax the muscles. If necessary, it can be used oral or intrathecal (through spinal cord) way by physicians. When used orally, the doses administered may cause toxicity, side effects, or lack of efficacy. Because of this fact, intrathecal baclofen has a much higher effect at much lower doses because the active ingredient drug is not inserted into the blood brain barrier when given directly to the cerebrospinal fluid.
In the treatment of spasticity, baclofen may be administered intrathecally to the cerebrospinal fluid by pump if the oral baclofen is not sufficient or the side effects are high. The pump, which is surgically implanted to the patient's abdomen by the neurosurgeon, may deliver the drug to the cerebrospinal fluid within 24 hours at the appropriate dose for the patient. Dose adjustments that the doctor considers appropriate are made by controlling the skin with an external device. When the drug is put into the pump, it can be done over the skin with needles without the need for surgery at certain intervals. Generally, the pump refilling frequency is every six months. The frequency of this medication refilling may vary depending on the dose used and the volume of the pump.
The baclofen pump can be replaced about 6-7 years after surgery because of its battery life. At the end of this period, a small surgical procedure is needed to replace only the pump. It is very important for the physician to have a baclofen pump implantation, experience with the device and the medication to get a positive result from the therapy.
In diseases that cause spasticity, such as spinal cord injuries, brain injury, cerebral palsy, or multiple sclerosis, the patient is first tested to see if the drug will benefit from a spinal cord. If there is a significant decrease in the patient's contractions at the end of the test, the device is placed on the patient and the pump is given to the patient 24/7 at the determined dose. Thus, the patient's contractions are reduced, maintenance is facilitated and daily activities are gained.
The external programmable baclofen pump with its own special control can be adjusted to give different doses at different times during the day when required.
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