Breast Enlargement (Augmentation)

Breast enlargement is the the operation of the breasts of the women with small breasts with the help of prothesis, also known as silicone implants, and for the operation of the desired size. It is usually a personal desicion for aesthetic reasons and a motivation source for women to feel themselves better. Many women who consider breast augmentation in Turkey are seeking a larger cup size following pregnancy, weight loss, not having fully developed their desired size naturally or suffering from asymmetry or tubular breasts.

Although the surgery can be done in different ways, the common feature of all is under general anesthesia. It takes about 1-2 hours. There is usually not any postoperative problems. There is no need to take the sutures, the dressing can be done immediately after the surgery, but it is not recommended to open the bandages for two to three days. What makes surgery different is what kind of prothesis is located in the body and where it is placed. Differences such as postoperative pain and time to return to daily work may occur depending on personal differences and type of surgery.

Breast Reduction

In most cases, breast reduction surgery is performed for both aesthetic and health reasons. Growth and / or sagging in the breasts more than normal causes visual, social and medical problems. This may  occur with puberty or may occur after birth and breastfeeding. There are treatments that can be applied in every situation according to the patient's age, condition and expectation. The surgery is not a standard procedure and can be defined as the successive application of several different operations with different degrees depending on the need. Basically, both the breast volume and mass are reduced and the shape, posture and characteristic of the breast are changed. The degree to which the component is applied is decided according to the patient's condition and expectation.

Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery involves similar stages with breast reduction surgery. Unlike breast tissue and tissue in the absence of redundancy and sometimes there is a lack of tissue such as milk gland, oil, such as the breast is not removed. Only the excess skin that leads to sagging is removed, and breast support is provided if necessary. Your breasts that are drooping with this surgery are steeper but smaller. It is a separate operation from breast enlargement surgery, but in some cases both surgeries can be performed together.

Expert breast surgeries in Turkey

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