Baclofen Pump Therapy for Spasticity
FAQs about Intrathecal Baclofen Pump Therapy

What is baclofen pump and how does it work?

Baclofen pump consists of  a surgically implanted programmable pump and catheter that delivers medication which helps relieve severe spasticity caused by spinal cord injury or spinal cord disease. This medication is a liquid form of baclofen that goes directly into the intrathecal space where fluid flows around the spinal cord.

Most people report that the pump is not uncomfortable or restrictive, and does not interfere with their movement. Depending on your body type, it may not show at all under regular clothes.

If oral baclofen did not work for me, why would intrathecal baclofen works?

Because baclofen is delivered directly to where it’s needed most in the spinal fluid, it relieves spasticity with smaller amounts of medication than when baclofen is taken orally. This method of delivery may help minimise side effects that can result from oral baclofen. This pump is only for those who cannot take oral baclofen therapy.

Am i a good candidate for intrathecal baclofen pump (ITB)?

Only your doctor can determine whether you are a candidate for a pump. Candidates must:

  • Have severe spasticity that interferes with their function, care and comfort, or activities of daily living
  • Show a positive response to a baclofen injection in a standard screening test
  • Have sufficient body size to support the pump; the pump must be implanted 2.5 centimetres (1 inch) or less from the surface of the skin
  • Do not have any infection
  • Are not allergic to baclofen

In addition, healthcare professionals may use the following criteria to determine if you are a candidate for ITB therapy:

  • Severe spasticity or spasms that interfere with function or daily activities
  • Severe spasticity or spasms that interfere with care or positioning

Is intrathecal baclofen pump (ITB) approved by the Food and Drug Administration?

Yes, ITB has Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval.

What will happen when the drug in the pump is finished?

The drug can be refilled inside the pump in just 10 minutes by a doctor or nurse when it’s finished.


Is it possible to have MRI scans with the pump implanted?

Yes,  itb patients can safely have MRI scans up to 3T.

Is it possible to increase or decrease the medication dose inside the pump?

Yes, the pump is programmable and the medication dose or concentration can be changed with a clinicain programmer if needed.

How long the baclofen pump lasts?

The pump lasts approxiamtely 7 years. After that it can be replaced with a surgery.

Why should we choose Turkey to have baclofen pump operation?

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