Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson’s Diesase and Movement Disorders

Deep brain stimulation is based on the logic of stimulating certain regions of the brain through an electrode (a cable) and a generator (a small device called neurostimulator). Nowadays, Parkinson’s disease which cannot use medication due to drug resistance or side effects of medication, Essential tremor disease, Dystonia, obsessive compulsive disease and epilepsy disease are used with confidence and with FDA approval.
During this operation, which can be performed for the most part awake, the patient does not feel any pain. First of all, an electrode (a cable) is placed in the targeted areas of the brain during the operation, which is started with a local anesthetic (local drug). Then, the patient is put to sleep and the neurostimulator is placed under the collarbone. At the end of the operation there is no device part outside.
The electrical currents given to the brain by the neurostimulator are at very low levels and can be adjusted at any time via a remote control or even completely switched off. Thanks to these features, the device does not cause any damage to the brain and even when the neurostimulator is turned off, the patient can be completely restored. Therefore, this neurostimulator does not cause permanent damage to the brain.
The neurostimulator has the ability to be recharged and has a remote wireless rechargeable feature such as wireless rechargeable mobile phones.
After the operation, the activated neurostimulator is adjusted according to the needs of the patient and if the disease progresses, the power and other characteristics of the current can be increased if needed. Thanks to the support of the neurostimulator after a successful operation, the drugs used can be reduced. The continuous operation of the neurostimulator minimizes the deterioration between drug intake hours in the patient.
Patients who are hospitalized the day before to make the necessary preparations can be discharged on the day after the operation if any undesirable condition develops.

What are the benefits of doing Deep Brain Stimulation in Turkey?
• Product availability of best quality and best brand
• Lower prices compared all over the world
• Avaliability of high-experienced physicians about deep brain stimulation